A queer, slice of life love story audio drama.

Episode 11 - A Lucky Find

Jason magically stumbles across a run down old bar that might be just the place for him and Kane to call home.  The possibility of opening a business together is raised, and although it’s scary, is considered.

Written by Erin Kyan
Produced by Passer Vulpes Productions
Recorded by Kermie Breydon
Kane voiced by Lee Davis-Thalbourne
Jason voiced by Erin Kyan
Credits voiced by Roslyn Quin

Cover art by Soufex Parsons Cope: http://soufexdraws.tumblr.com/

Transcript of this episode: https://www.loveandluckpodcast.com/transcripts-blog/2018/11/9/episode-11-a-lucky-find
Captioned video of this episode: https://youtu.be/snae2houTwM

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