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You've got a message from Love and Luck creator, Erin Kyan!

For World Audio Drama Day, The Amelia Project, a comedy audio drama, has released a special episode, where you may hear some very familiar voices! Go check out Percy, Part 2,  and find out more about the show via the Amelia Project's Website. It's a continuation of a previous episode, so have a listen to that episode first!

The Amelia Project is one of our favourite shows and it was really exciting to be able to be involved in this special episode.  A big thank you to Øystein and Pip for including us in their show.

The Amelia Project: https://ameliapodcast.com/

Percy Part 2: https://theameliaproject.libsyn.com/12-percy-part-2-world-audio-drama-day-special

Percy: https://theameliaproject.libsyn.com/09-percy


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